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About Us

Whiskey JuJu is a full and complete cover band that plays hit song after hit song. Not only that but they are the upbeat songs that everyone remembers. We can keep the place dancing and drinking all night. We have 3 distinct personalities that allow us to be the most versatile band you could have. We know the audience because we are fans of the music just like they are!

Will Purdy

Will 1.jpg

Lead Vocals Guitartist:

I have been a guitarist/vocalist for decades, playing mostly as a soloist over the last 10 years. Able to sing in a range most male vocalists can not, I enjoy playing songs that push the limits of my ability. I do write my own music, but as far as covers go, I'm not afraid to play really any style. I do often arrange songs to make them my own, occasionally recording my own "reimagination" of songs that resonate with me. I feel as at home on stage as off, so wherever we are, come say hi!

Bob Wenzloff

New Bob 7-19-21.JPG

Lead Vocals Bassist:

A long time musician that has played in original bands, tribute bands, and for the most recent history played in great cover bands. The foundation of my style was the hair band 80s but has grown into a style that fills the low end and groove of any band. This makes the perfect fit for a trio. Strong vocals are a must for every band I have been a part of. Whiskey JuJu is no exception, you can guarantee a wide range of songs to be belted out by this bassist. 

Alex Herman

New Alex 7-19-21.JPG


Trained professional, played for years as the directory of Carnival Cruise lines perfoming band. I am a music instructor at the Orlando School of Rock. I enjoy all styles of music. The best part of performing is getting to experience new songs that I have never had the chance to play. It's great to be a part of a working band that plays such upbeat music and has a great time with their fans.

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